Angler's Feedback

The following is some of the feedback received from anglers that have booked for fly fishing tuition or casting lessons.

"Hi Peter - I have hardly a chance since I got home to write to thank you. What a wonderful day - easily the best day's fishing I have ever had! I enjoyed every minute of it from the entomology lesson and casting instruction through to our time on the water (many great memories). You are great company and an outstanding guide and instructor.
I hope that we will be on the Derwent together again before too long.

K. N

"I can't thank you enough for giving L. such an amazing day. She is still beaming from ear to ear and has not stopped talking about her experience and what an unbelievable coach you are. I have to say I also learnt so much from listening and I find the whole sport very interesting. You may have another fisher person on your hands.
Thank you again for a wonderful day. I'm sure our paths will cross again. You feel like an old friend already!"

Z & L

"Hi Peter, - I write to thank you for the most enjoyable day fishing.
From rod set up to understanding the life cycle of the troutís menu, understanding the rhyme and tempo of casting, to catching and landing one of the most beautiful creatures I have had the privilege of handling, last Friday was an absolute joy.
I am hooked and will certainly continue my journey as a scholar of the wondrous traditional art of fly fishing.
Hereís wishing you tight lines for the rest of the season and beyond.
Until we meet again!

I. B

"Hi peter -I just wanted to say thank you once again for our delightful day on the derwent, where you tried to teach me the basics of fly fishing. I had a fantastic day, and would go so far as to say that it was one of the best fishing days I have ever experienced. Your knowledge and expertise made this a thoroughly informative and fun day, helped by the fact that you put me on several grayling and rainbows, and a brownie. What a day!I will definitely book in with you again soon.

J. M

"Hi Peter - Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful day with you. We've not stopped talking about it and how much we enjoyed it. It was one of the best presents my hubby could have bought me and to actually catch fish, was amazing. You are a brilliant teacher, recommend you to anyone.

K. & D. N

"Hi Peter - Firstly, please let me apologise for the delay in contacting you after our day out at Barlow last Tuesday.† Iíve been meaning to contact you since to say thank you and what a fantastic day I had Ė it certainly exceeded my expectations!
Itís actually quite difficult to summarise all of the interesting and helpful points that I took from our day because there were so many.† Perhaps the key learning points and eye openers for me were to do with the principles of casting (of course!) and understanding of entomology and how that influences fly selection.† †On reflection, the highlight of our session was perhaps not being able to sneak out two trout toward the end (although that was fantastic fun and a real confidence boost), but actually that I was able to apply what Iíd been taught by you to repeatedly cast and fish the flies in the area I wanted with a reasonable degree of proficiency. † - Many thanks again for your input and fantastic company; I think it is fair to say that thanks to your efforts and guidance, I am now a fly fishing convert! - Very best wishes and tight lines!

R. B

"Hello Peter, - I really enjoyed it and found your instruction very clear and helpful. Thank you! And thanks for the fly tips - again very useful.† - In fact, I liked it so much that Iíve decided (gulp!) to put my name down on the Chatsworth waiting list. Thanks so much again!

P. C

"Hi Peter -
I had a fantastic day yesterday. Great company and tuition, I learned a lot and it has certainly made me want to do more. Catching the grayling was a bonus to a perfect†trip. I'm already working out where I can practice , and the next fishing trip and I'm sure I will enjoy every minute.
Yesterday achieved exactly what I wanted and more, and has set me on the right path with much more of an idea of what it's all about.
Thanks for a great day. I may see you one day in the future for more lessons, and I might be quick enough by then to catch a few more.
Take care!

R. M

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